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A Punchout Catalog Enables You To...

  • Sell to New Markets
  • Automate the Purchasing process
  • Receive Purchase Orders via email or Direct
  • Many Buyers now require you to sell via punch out. Be ready.
  • Respond to RFPs that require punch out catalogs
  • Become a pre-approved vendor before your competitors do
  • Sell to large buyers

What is a Punchout Catalog?

Many large corporations have an eProcurement solution (Ariba®, Oracle iProcurement, SAP, Peoplesoft, Coupa. Infor Lawson. or any CXML eprocurement system) to control the ordering of products and services.

Rather than making the purchase via credit card payment from the suppliers’ B2C or B2B ecommerce website, the employees must use eProcurement applications to generate purchase orders. Using PunchOut catalogs, buyers can authorize which employees can purchase from the list of pre-approved contracted suppliers.

PunchOut catalogs simplify the purchasing process for employees, as they are able to quickly create purchase orders that conform to supplier agreements.

Have us setup a new Punchout Catalog online store for you or use our Punchout Gateway service and re-use your existing website.

Start with a Punchout Gateway

Make sure your site works in HTTPS mode then contact us to Setup an Account and the Gateway will parse the PunchoutSetupRequest.

We’ll help you modify your site to Parse the URL returned to get the transaction id and buyer information and autologin the shopper.

We’ll help you modify your Basket to Post the Order and any additional user fields to the Gateway.

Or a Punchout Catalog Online Store

If your team is unable to make the simple changes to your website to facilitate the integration we can instead setup a new Punchout Catalog Online store for you. Contact us at or Chat With Us for details.

The Punchout Shopper Experience

A Punchout Gateway Enables You To...

Implement a Punchout Catalog quickly.

You Can Use Your Existing Website as a Punchout Catalog and Start Selling Sooner.

Save the expense of redoing your ERP integration.

Punchout for the Tech-Savvy

A PunchOut catalog is a personalized ecommerce shopping catalog that is called by eProcurement systems through sequences of HTTPS posts exchanging predefined cXML documents, which permits a buyer without logging in to purchase and transfer a remote shopping cart into the buyer’s purchasing application. In addition, the final purchase order is electronically returned to the supplier.

Punchout Gateway Data Flow

Punchout Integration Guide

This Punchout Integration Guide details how to simply add punch out integration to your existing ecommerce site. Download now. If you have any questions email us at

Level 1 Gateway

Level 2 Gateway

Punchout Online Store

L1 Starter

  • Unlimited Items more...
  • CXML Create Mode Support
  • Technical Support Portal
  • 40 Hours of Integration Support Time
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


Per Month
$2,000 Setup Per Procurement System
$500 Setup Per Additional Buyer Company
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